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Hampton Roads Daniel Plan  Yorktown, VA 23693 

​​​​Student Comments From Classes

- "I have lost 65 pounds in two years doing the Daniel Plan, increased my Faith and learning how to stay away from MSG, Transfats and High Frutose Corn Surup and read labels everyday. My energy level is high, my blood work excellent and off three medications eating God's Food instead of man's food."

- "I love the Detox! I also love the recipies! This is so much fun."

- "Daniel plan changed my life. As a teen I found that it helps with my acne, and gave me so much energy to do the sports I Love."

- "The Daniel Plan has made me want to live a better and healthier life."

- "The Daniel Plan has finally inspired me to exercise, a major accomplishment!!"

- "This has been a very positive experience - no pressure; no guilt; just very positive encouragement from a great community."

- "I like the format and materials, as well as the discustions in class and the support."

- "The facilitators style of teaching. Filling out the workbook as we watched the DVD and the help with hints and tips and using he recipes in the book. The group bonding and sharing together. Flexibility of class attendance when my schedule conflicted."

- "I liked the education I got on man's food and why we need to eat God's food the way our body was made to function."

- "The Daniel Plan materials, length of classes and great facilitators! Flexibility of time of meetings and the salad party at the end."

- "I lke the approach of viewing our body as God's temple and learning to be good stewards through our food and exercise choices. The Daniel Plan is not a diet, it is a way of life, feeling better, looking better and thinking better."

- "Books and discussions. Also classes are valuable to all people regardless of your age."

-"I loved this class! I truly enjoyed the facilitators. ---  -Cindy and Cindy were dynamic facilitators who led the class with much love and a lot of laughter."

-"I really liked the fellowship and listening to what others had to say about their challenges and successes."

- "I thought the 5 - F's are a great approach. It takes more than just a diet and fitness."

​- "Went out of town and still lost weight --- YEA!!!"

- "Ate healthy all week and lost 6 lbs. to include snacks!"

- "Started training for 5K for whole family to do ...

Kids agreed on ride home last night."

- "Starting to work out with my stepson and boy friend."

- "I am doing what I enjoy! Making exercise my playtime with my family."

- "Enjoyed the 'BUDDY' system, encouraged by e-mails, accountability and class participation."

 Five Pillars /40 Days to a Healthier Life Style